innovative retail products


We are developing product concepts in the following areas:

  • Near Food

  • Non Food

  • Confectionary


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Cheese Storage Wrap

Studio Concept identified a storage film that is used for cheese preservation. It regulates humidity while allowing the cheese to breeze and preventing surface mold growth, so the cheese lasts longer. Furthermore the material can be produced with 40% less plastic and use of water, resulting is a 50% lower carbon footprint. Formaticum, market leader in cheese packaging in the US, is our first partner for a consumer and professional product.


Date Clip

The Date-Clip was developed to help consumers save on waste and save money at the same time. The technical design of the Date-Clip was made in the Netherlands and the molds are ready for use in a Chinese factory. Samples are available. We are looking for a buyer of this product concept.

Confectionary Product

We are working on a new energizing confectionary product that will be sold via Amazon.